This is the website of Samuel Moore. I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London and advocate of openness and experimentation in scholarly communication. See my About page for my research interests, academic/work experience and contact information. My Blog is a home for articles posted elsewhere, occasional thoughts on my research and other things I’ve found to share.

Scholarly Skywriting is a phrase coined in the 1980s by cognitive scientist and open access advocate Stevan Harnad to describe real-time, collaborative, online academic writing, usually via email/hypermail archives. While the term isn’t in much use anymore, it is an interesting example of how the web (and the internet more broadly) acted as an enabler for new methods of scholarly communication, something I am deeply interested in.

The site header was designed by the incredibly talented illustrator and comic book writer Richard Swan, whose work can be found at The Moon Underground and whose surreal observations can be followed on Twitter @moonunderground